Social media is amazing when you go in it looking for inspiration. It’s awful when you go in it looking for a distraction. I would love to say that I have given up social media altogether, but it’s hard to stay away from it when I’m posting on those very platforms every week.

I redownloaded TikTok last week, and it was amazing. YouTube can already be addictive when I’m bored, but TikTok is just on another level. Ever wonder why you don’t see the time when you’re in the app? It’s the easiest thing to do whether you have one minute, or four hours, to spare.

But there’s a reason for that. The amount of unique TikTok content is just incredible. Somehow, a lot of people are able to find their niche and find a solid fanbase. A guy telling storytimes about the 7 year-old daughter of Japanese millionnaires he nannies for. A female magician shows us wowing her fans on Omegle. Your favorite artist. You get it. There is something in it for everyone.

TikTok also makes it so easy for you to create content on existing content. Reading Reddit horror stories, showing you things you msised from popular films, or retelling riddles from the internet. You can be unique by recreating content. You don’t need to have an incredible talent to create content. You just have to be creative.

I love social media, but it’s just not sustainable to have it accessible at all times of the day. If I did, it would be incredibly easy for me to overconsume. Feeling bored? Tap on Instagram stories. Have 2 hours to spare? Swipe up on TikTok. Need something to fall asleep to? Browse YouTube. I would need to fight against the algorithms that were designed precisely to make me stay, and I just don’t have time for that.