To me, entertainment is music, film, theater, social media, literature, and many other things. It can often be seen as a frivolous way to spend our time, but it’s what inspires our creative souls. It’s important, and it can be meaningful.

entertainment as a creative source

It can be a creative source when look for inspiration in the music that we listen to, the films that we watch, and the works that we read. It’s a huge medium, because it is through others and their works in which we can increase our artistic inspiration. I am inspired everyday by the art that people create and share with me, because it’s a sign of encouragement for me to follow my creative curiosity as well.

Personally, literature functions as my primary source of entertainment. It allows me to travel to a different world and dimension through the eyes of others, encourages me to self-learn a particular subject that I’m curious about, and prompts me to question my own values through the themes that the book poses. The same can be applied to theater and films. Entertainment can be more than just entertainment if we allow it to be.

entertainment as a creative outlet

Just like different forms of entertainment are becoming increasingly accessible to us, so is our way to enter the entertainment industry. People seeking to promote themselves no longer need to be talented musicians, actors, singers or dancers. They can kick-start their career by self-promoting themselves through social media, YouTube, and their own blogs.

This is not to say that it’s easy to gain a successful platform online, but anyone can do it. I do it, even if no one reads my blog. But I will continue doing it because my blog is a place where I can creatively express myself. It’s a liberating way for me to find solace. Though some of these creative ‘outlets’ can be seen as more superficial, e.g. Instagram, Twitter, some YouTube ‘stars’ – the truth is, there’s no rule as to how we need to express ourselves creatively. There shouldn’t be.

I don’t see entertainment as something irrevocably separate from our reality. I see it as a way to inspire our everyday lives. What does entertainment mean to you?