A few days ago, I made a post recapping some of my achievements in January 2016. I immediately decided that it would be essential for me to post about what I will do in February. Set goals for these next 4 weeks that are realistic and grounded, yet aim higher than the previous month.

I started writing this a while ago with the intention of writing just my February Goals. But the more I wrote, the more I realized that I was writing my whole 2016 list. I then decided to publish a separate page called “2016 Bucket List” (I encourage you to read it!), which highlights all the goals I want to accomplish before entering college. I have had this list for several months now, but I am continuously polishing it and adding/removing any new aims.

Anyway, I then realized that my February Goals are all the goals I have written down on that page. I might not accomplish most of them (though I will surely start most, if not all, of them). So, here I will just highlight more explicitly what exactly I plan to do with each goal, and be more realistic and specific.

1. HEALTH – Do yoga weekly (2x/week), do my individual exercises daily, and control my cravings for junk food.

2. BOOKS – Finish the HP series, choose my next reads based on the Popsugar Reading Challenge, and write reviews on the books I find more challenging to read (to help reflecting about them).

3. ACADEMICS – Improve English – whether it’s towards Linguistics, Sociology, or Law. Whatever direction it takes me, I will continue this subject. Start with a programming language at codecademy. I might also go back to math classes, though I’m still not sure about this one.

4. MUSIC – Play in the orchestra, take cello classes, and study more about the theory part by myself. Gain back what I lost in the long hiatus I had from music. It’s time.

5. SURVIVAL SKILLS – Continue learning the basics and foundation of cooking, prepare the food whenever I can and whenever we eat at home. Ask mom to teach me how to bake her delicious (and healthy!) homemade breads and cakes. I might not learn to drive this month – and I’m not in a hurry to learn.

That’s it. You can find the fuller list at “2016 Bucket List“. I hope you liked this reflective, intended-to-be-realistic February Goals post, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. You should have a Yoga concert, where you play the cello mid stretches, during a Book Club meeting where you learn to improve your English and feed all the guests your cooking. All goals in one go.

    Sounds like a plan right?