About a week ago, I decided that I wouldn’t be going to college this year. It was not a premeditated a situation, but it happened. So, in between this time, I have tried to formulate the best plan possible. I always try to plan out my year so I can (try to) follow through accordingly, but I have learned (yes, from this particular experience) that things may not go your way, even when you really want them to.

Even though I have planned out my “Gap Year Bucket List” in this past week, I feel like I’m giving myself options rather than having planned them out. I am aware that some, if not many, of these things may not go smoothly, but I hope that I can at least follow through a similar path in order to achieve my goals for this year.

The main difference between this current bucket list and the last one is that I have divided this list into 3 main sections: 1) Things I must do regardless of what happens, 2) things I must do before college applications, and 3) things I must do before going to college, though it’s mainly regarding #2. Contrary to what many gap-year takers do, I have not added any traveling plans to my list for financial/convenience purposes (I think most of these people have already gotten the college of their choice before they launch their gap year plans too).

I hope that with this list, and whatever may happen in the future, I can work my way to becoming more prepared – mentally, towards my career, and every other aspect in life – before I become officially a college student.

I know that gap years are probably not relatable to most (if not all) of you, but I would reaally appreciate your thoughts on my list, and for you to share any experience/comments on it (I haven’t exactly found a ton of information/blog posts on this topic yet either).