The more I read, the more I know how much I haven’t read.
The more I write, the more I realize how much I need to prove.
The more I blog, the more I realize how I haven’t found my blogging niche.

This can be said for virtually anything we do, as it’s all part of an everlasting learning process. But somehow, the journey feels like I’m falling into a hole I can’t get out from.

i-love-learning Language. Culture. Literature. Journaling. Writing. Blogging. Music. Psychology. Photography. Health. Pilates. Martial Arts. Ballet. Meditation. Fashion. Vintage.

Some I have become part of my identity. Others I am just getting acquainted with. But above all, I love learning about how they all connect to each other and help me become a better and and more knowledgeable person, mentally and physically.

The compilation of all my blog posts so far reflect my thought process in these months. From being a typical bookish blogger girl, to being a books-and-tv girl, to being a lifestyle-health-literature geek. I don’t… know where I’m going. I just know that my blogging direction is going towards a path that I can’t settle down with.

I blog because of my passion for writing. This may be about… books. Philosophical questions. Or anything, apparently. But it’s also to share with an audience, no matter how small or how big. And I know that to ‘gain’ an audience, I am supposed to stick with a niche, so your audience knows what to expect from you.

But I find that increasingly hard as I open up and learn about different things. My priorities according to my interests and needs, and though my underlying passions remain the same, the activities that I do don’t. My blog posts reflect those changes – you can see that my Menu changes every once in a while.

Then… there’s also the mainstream factor. Am I being too ‘typical’? Are my topics good enough? Should I do this… or that? I have always believed that I write much more smoothly than I talk, as I spend most of my time either reading, watching or writing something. But, thanks to my blog, I have also realized that my thoughts are still as jumbled up even when I write them down carefully.


My content now encompasses around 5 big topics:

Life. Wellness. Study. Entertainment. Personal.

  • Life consists of posts all about giving advice and inspiring you.
  • Wellness has to do with our mental, spiritual and physical well-being.
  • Study is… well. Academic subjects. College. And, of course, bullet journaling! (Coming soon)
  • Entertainment is mainly about books. And occasionally, films and TV series.
  • Personal are all those posts inspired by myself. It can be something I have done, felt, or just a thought that may have been bugging me for a while.

I know these topics seem quite spread apart, but they all share the common factor of being able to enrich your personal life in some way or another. Whether it’s helping you become a healthier person, a more educated individual, or even a more entertained one, I hope my blog posts can help you do that from now on.



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