1. Alone time has become more enjoyable as the judgemental voice inside has dimmed. As the instabilities in my life settled and my life became simpler, my mental state improved. A stable, simple life, sprinkled with hints of exciting hobbies and wanderlust plans. A life planned by no other than myself.
  2. Life always seems greener on the other side. Even my past seems greener, even though the stress I endured materialized into physical pains. The other side always has more time. The present time is just the here, the now, the mundane. It can be wonderful, if you truly spend time with it.
  3. Time. That’s the thing everyone older than you will always be envious of, my dad said. It had never occurred to me, even though I subsconsciously look at people (younger than me) enviously. By the time they’re my age, they would have achieved more than I have at this point… It’s baseless comparison, goddamnit I know it. Isn’t time relative?

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  1. Aldrin Fernandez Reply

    It seems like it. I just thought, I get wiser and more practical as I get older, not smarter though.