This year is going to be great. I love setting myself high goals – sometimes as a continuation from last year, but I always try to make them as realistic as possible. Because, let’s face it – we’re not superhuman. We have high expectations, we are flawed, and we will be disappointed. You may not lose the amount of body fat that you hoped; you may not travel as much as you want, and maybe you’re not exactly in the place where you hoped you would be.

That’s why it’s so important to always be kind to yourself no matter what, and to enjoy the small things each step of the way. The following are a list of (small) things that I think will help me make this year great. These don’t necessarily involve my ‘bigger’ goals in life, but I know they will help me in becoming a happier person, so 🙂

I hope you can find some of these useful, too!

On self-love: 

  • sleep, eat and exercise well – remember that how you feel is always more important than how you look
  • meditate daily; just 5-10 minutes each day is all you need
  • stop looking back, you’re only hurting yourself
  • pamper yourself one night every week. you’ll feel all refreshed for the upcoming week!
  • become more independent and happier with solitude (more than you already are!)
  • improve your EQ through reading and understanding others
  • continue volunteering and giving to others, no matter where you are
  • go out more!

On learning: 

  • go on more adventures – in your hometown, other countries, or through books
  • journal as much as you can; this is the best way to learn how to tolerate yourself
  • read, read, and just read
  • never let go of your cellist self, please
  • stick to the good habits you have developed before, and get rid of the old
  • become a better writer and blogger

On being creative: 

  • always have at least one creative hobby at hand
  • paint in an adult coloring book; it’s easy, soothing and therapeutic
  • go roller skating at least once a week; I know, you suck at it, but you will get better
  • learn as much about photography as you can
  • improve your handwriting and faux calligraphy!
  • what you do in your spend time defines who you are, so make sure your hobbies represent who you want to be

These are my simple reminders on leading a better and more creative life. I fervently believe that our passion and creativity is key to our happiness, as it’s what and how we chose to do things that defines who we become.