? Happy World Book Day!?

Note: I couldn’t find the founder of this tag – but whoever you are, thank you! (I think this was taken from YouTube and modified for book bloggers.)

1. Physical book or e-book?

I do most of my reading on my kindle for various reasons: I can switch between the (many) books that I read easily; I can adjust the lightning as necessary (but it’s actually harmful for the eye to read at night); I can carry it in my bag easily, etc. Oh, and it saves money, time and space (ordering online, paying for shipping, waiting for package to arrive, etc.). But it’s so worth it when you can have all your books displayed on your bookshelf. It’s like a mini-representation of who you are. So… I guess, ugh, I choose e-books for practicality and physical books for aesthetics and their touch.

(I made a post a month ago discussing this issue.)

2. Audio or book in hand?

Book in hand definitely. I haven’t actually gone through a whole book using audio yet, but I just find it so time-consuming and slow. I also tend to look up the definitions for words that I don’t know (vocabulary, yay!) and using audio book would take that privilege away from me. Though it would have been fun to listen to them on my hour-and-a-half bus rides to and from school.

3. Paperback or hardcover?

I don’t have as many hardcover books as paperback (it’s been a while, actually) but I love the feel of hardcovers. They also prevent the pages of the book from deteriorating. So, hardcovers.

4. Adult or Young Adult?

I guess YA? I’m not exactly sure what it means by ‘Adult’… I’m assuming it refers to adult content with older characters? Please forgive my ignorance. YA fiction is my guilty pleasure reading, but I’m trying to balance it out with books of non-fiction and other genres.

5. Series or standalone?

I grew up reading book series because I loved reading about the characters going through different experiences. But lately, I’ve not read many series. And if I have started reading a series, chances are that I haven’t finished it. The current one that I’m quite digging is, of course, Harry Potter. But otherwise, I choose standalones. When you read a book that’s really good, the worst thing that could happen is a sequel that just spoils that ending. I hate that.

6. Dog ears or bookmarks?

Bookmarks, though I don’t really need that for a kindle… I hate dog ears on my own books. I used dog ears for my library books though (*blushes sheepishly*), but I try not to do that with my precious books. Or any book a friend lends me. I don’t know what is it with library books… maybe it’s the fact that many of the books I chose to read were simply old, or maybe I hated the books that were assigned to me.

7. Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?

How can you finish a good book without breaking the spine (unless it’s a hardcover, of course)? If it’s a good book, I’m sorry book-cover, but I’m finishing you whether you get to keep your spine or not.

8. Borrow or buy?

Don’t you just love having a book all to yourself, so you can rub your face all around it and sleep next to it at night? (I’m kidding. Maybe.) But it’s hard to do that when you have a borrowed book, and all you can think about is the smell that may or may not be from the book, and how many hands have touched it. Just, no.

9. Bookstore or online?

I would kill to go to a bookstore with books in English right now. There are none here, so I have to resolve to buying them online. I would talk about price comparisons, but it’s been so long since I’ve bought books from a bookstore that I can’t even say which is most convenient. I remember, when I went traveling with my family, that whenever I visited a bookstore, I would find the sequels to the book series I was reading, and try to read as many of them so that I wouldn’t have to buy so many books.

10. Fiction or non-fiction?

Naturally, I find fiction more appealing, as most people. However, as an adult now *sigh*, I cannot continue reading fiction only so I’m also doing some non-fiction reading on topics that I’m potentially interested about, like self-help, psychology, biographies, etc.

11. Fantasy world or real life issues?

Who says fantasy books don’t have some real life issues in them? The fact that they’re ‘sugar-coated’ by a fictional world with fictional characters doesn’t mean they don’t convey true meaning in them. But in terms of how realistic or fantastic I prefer them to be, I choose more realistic scenarios. It’s easier to connect with the characters with real life issues I personally have.

12. Kindle, iPad, or other?

Kindle for reading, for sure. Mainly due to the easy use of the dictionary. iPad’s are not designed for reading specifically, so it’s not as comfortable.

13. Monster read or short & sweet?

I guess short & sweet? I’m not exactly sure by what it means by ‘monster read’, but I’m guessing some form of dramatic action book.

14. Starry-eyed romance or full of action?

Both. Too much of romance, especially when it’s starry-eyed, is just so cheesy.

15. Curl up in a Snuggie or bathe in the sun?

I hate the sun nowadays. I like seeing the sun out, but whenever I’m under it I literally feel my skin burn. So, Snuggie. I don’t have one (yet), but I do have a blankie that I always use.

16. Read the review or decide for yourself?

I first read the plot/synopsis, then I scan the reviews to get an idea of the ‘quality’ of the book as I don’t really trust my instinct. But as I now do most of my reading on the Kindle, I can get the book samples (before buying them), which enables me to read the first few pages and decide whether I want to purchase the book or not.

18. Zombies or unicorns?

Unicorns FTW!



  1. I used to dog-ear library books too! But only those library books that were really old and had been dog-eared previously ? I actually don’t even use bookmarks – somehow I remember what page I’m on.

    • o_O Woah I wish I could do that. I guess I could try with books that reaally get me pumped up, but with the books that are not as interesting… it probably wouldn’t work. Lucky you!!

  2. Happy world book day! I completely agree with you about ebooks vs physical books, as well as breaking the spines (how do you read a paperback w/out breaking the spine? Never open it?) Glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind breaking the spine on a book for a good read 🙂

  3. Great post! Happy World Book Day Michelle! 😀 Though I enjoy reading paperback books more than anything! love the feeling of the book in my hands 😀 Happy reading dear :*