Wanderlusting is inevitable. Adventures and experiences create lasting memories that will remain ingrained in us for as long as we want. It is not a luxury that we all have, financially and time-wise (among other reasons), but if you ever have the chance to travel, the experience can be worth every penny. Whether it’s in the form of books or real-life adventures – they’re a price worth paying for.

I’ve seen  many travel diaries (both blogs and videos) lately,  and I’ve been inspired to document my latest experience. I recently visited Tokyo, Japan, for 7 days and there was so much to see. I got a glimpse of Shiodome, Sumida, Asakusa, Gala Yuzawa, central Tokyo in itself, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Hakone (pretty much in this order!), and a few other unplanned places as well.

It was a lot to go through in less than 7 days, but it was a glimpse that has left me longing with the desire to go back and explore less-saturated and more cultural Japanese cities.

Highlights from my trip to Tokyo:

Tokyo Skytree
Sensoji Temple
Akihabara, the electronics of Tokyo (and the place where I bought my first camera!)
The exterior of Tokyo Station – not just a ‘station’ 😉
The University of Tokyo – campus
There was a pond in the middle of the uni!


The famous Shibuya Crossing (aka the Tokyo of Times Square)
This is Hachiko, my beloved dog
MoCHA Cat Cafe :3


Takeshita Street, Harajuku


Vew from the ropeway at Gala, ski and snowboard resort :3
Skiing here was ABSOLUTELY amazing.


Streets in Hakone – so traditional and peaceful

Random photo to show how tiny the bins are in Japan (use my feet as reference). You are encouraged to throw toilet paper – which are made to dissolve quickly in water – into the toilet. Talking about trash, are no trash cans in the streets, as people take their garbage home (and presumably recycle them, like everywhere else in Japan).
Hakone Sightseeing Cruise – so beautiful! (btw, I took my new camera to Hakone – hence the dramatic effect)

Though I only got the ‘tourist’ glimpse of Tokyo this time, the perceived differences between Japan and Taiwan (where I’m currently staying at with my family) are so notorious. The respectful social conventions and technological advances are what stood out to me most, and these really left me with a longing desire to go back.

The one thing that was an issue during this trip, though, was the subway system. Even though I had Google Maps to help me navigate, the app didn’t always work – especially on bad weather days. It took my mom and I 2 days to get the hang of the system, and even then, we had to pre-plan every trip we made.

Overall, it was an amazing trip, and I’m really glad I got to capture many of these moments in pictures and memories. I’m someone who loves traveling, both through books and in real life. The latter is the most daunting one for me, as I have to put myself completely out of my comfort zone, but it can also be the most rewarding thing.



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  2. I LOVED THIS!!! Your photos are gorgeous! I’ve been to Japan once and I loved seeing these photos because I felt like I was back in Japan! I really want to visit a cat cafe! They look adorable.