If you have ever wanted to try out or get started on a new habit, but are wary of the consequences, then Lucie Fink’s videos in Refinery29 might help you out. The channel isn’t incredibly popular on YouTube relative to other channels, though it’s starting to gain popularity. But, unlike most of the most-watched YouTube channels, ‘Try Living with Lucie’ is a combination of entertainment and education to help her audience.

What isTry Living with Lucie‘?

It’s a series of videos, each of them featuring Lucie trying out “5 Days of… Something”. 5 days of meditation, journaling, adulting, being a vegan, etc. In each video, she 1) explains how she will tackle the task, 2) she gets other (professional) people to comment on the task, and 3) we learn from the mistakes and successes that Lucie makes.

All in all, Lucie usually takes on the challenge of something that many of us can relate to and do at some point in our lives, which makes the audience for her videos quite broad. Her videos are quite simple, but entertaining and, at times, educational, which make them very satisfying to watch.

How do Lucie’s videos help me?

I mainly watch her videos for entertainment, but also to relate to many of the challenges she undertakes. The thing I really enjoy about the way she organizes her videos is that it becomes very relatable to a general audience: she highlights all the struggles that she (and potentially many of us) has, and goes through a process to resolve the issue.

Lucie’s in her 20’s, and many of her videos are related to the ‘becoming an adult’ experience, such as ‘5 Days of Adulting’ – which I found very helpful to watch. It’s soothing to see how she talks about all the daily struggles that she encounters by being an adult, and it’s also helpful to see how the average life of a New Yorker is, at her age.

Additionally, Lucie also promotes ideas of self-improvement, such as 5 Days of… Minimalism, No Social Media, No Sugar, Saving Money, etc. You may find it practical and a bit too simple at times, but I find them just enough. It’s better than watching many of today’s YouTube’s videos that have no meaning in them whatsoever.

When it comes to YouTube, I try to watch educational videos, such as TED-Ed and The School of Life, but it’s easy to fall in the trap of videos that are solely for the purpose of entertainment. I feel that ‘Try Living With Lucie’ is a balance of both, which is why I wanted to promote her here 🙂