some days, we just need to unwind from our chaotic lives, and spend time for and with ourselves. we all have those days, and the best thing you can do is distract yourself with other relaxing and enjoyable tasks.

here are 18 ways that you can destress in the comfort of your own room:

  • listen to soothing music.
  • meditate.
  • organize your space.
  • photograph the little things.
  • dump your thoughts on paper.
  • or bullet journal.
  • stretch to relax.
  • blog, or create one.
  • practice (faux) calligraphy.
  • hone your favorite skill(s).
  • color your stress away.
  • listen to a TED talk or podcast.
  • let fresh air in.
  • drink & snack.
  • watch a film.
  • lose yourself in an adventure.
  • or listen to one.
  • rest.

and, when you’re ready…

  • take a walk,
  • a bike ride,
  • a jog,
  • or roller skating.
  • be with nature.


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