She needs no introduction. If you’re a millennial, you probably grew up watching the films and wishing you were Hermione Granger (or Ron, or Harry) in the Harry Potter series. She has also captured the spotlight with her success in a variety of other films, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Noah, and has modeled for fashion magazines and brands such as Teen Vogue and Chanel. Her HP success alone would have actually been enough for her to live a luxurious life for the rest of her life.

Though she is one of the most renowned young Hollywood stars, her public image is anything but scandalous. No major boyfriend issues, scandals, nor drinking problems – like many stars we see today. Her fame and beauty have not led her to take the erroneous decisions that affect so many stars today. Fortunately, she has used her iconic image to carry out activist and philanthropic actions, influencing many others.


Despite the chaotic schedule that she must have, she still found time to ace her GCSE’s and earn a bachelors degree in English at Brown University. She’s also a certified yoga instructor, and has showcased her passion for art (paintings), photography and athletics.  Though these may not be shocking achievements for young people nowadays, take into account that she achieved this all while having full-time working jobs as an actress and model.


Though she’s mostly known for her acting career, her beauty and grace has caught the eye of many fashion brands. Emma has also used her influence to support People Tree, a clothing catalog that uses fair practice in the industry to promote sustainable production. Additionally, she has made donations to UNICEF charity funds, Wild Trout Trust, Sense, DIFFA/Dallas, and Blue Peter’s Mission Nutrition, among others. Again, Emma is able to direct her fans’ focus towards good causes.


Named the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, Emma has determinedly shown her advocacy towards prevalent issues, specifically about gender equality. After delivering a speech at the UN Headquarters in NY, she launched the HeForShe campaign. Personally, I find this to be her most influential action so far. With so many social, economic and political issues today, it is often easy to get sidetracked by other problems at hand. With celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio (climate change) and Emma Watson representing the UN and speaking in favor and particular issues, their voices reverberate stronger than many other people. Though it may sound superficial, that’s how the world has become.

Of course, Emma is still quite new to this activist world, and she needs to take further steps if she wants her gender equality campaign to be both supported and effective. But I praise her for recognizing the issues that need to be addressed urgently in the world today, and for not letting Hollywood shift her perspective about that. If anything, her fame and money have pushed her past the superficiality and entertainment to seek for something more meaningful for humankind.


Thank you for reading this post 🙂 Hope this was helpful!