A book tag I found when taking a saunter on other blogs, some of the questions are kind of… distressing, considering that I’m such an indecisive person. But that’s the fun of it! 😀 So,


1. Read only trilogies or stand-alones?

Stand alones. I prefer reading a good ending to a book (regardless of whether it ends with a ‘happily ever after’ or in a cliffhanger), in which I can let my imagination decide the destiny of the characters, than having the 2nd or 3rd book disappoint me (which often happens).

2. Read only male or female authors:?

I’m often unaware of the gender of the authors of the books I’m reading… until I finish the book and want to look up their books. Ughh, this is a mean question. But I would have to say female authors, though. Just because I grew up reading books written by women, and simply because I can identify with the characters better (I hope that didn’t come out as sexist, sorry!).

3. Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

I loved visiting the stores of Barnes & Noble so much, but it’s been years since I’ve visited its bookstore. Now I can only buy books in English online, which are usually from Amazon. So I guess my answer is Amazon.

4. Have all books become TV shows or films?

Films. If they all became TV shows I would have to binge watch everyday and that would not be healthy…

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Considering that 5 pages per day is.. mm.. 5 minutes (more or less) per day? I would say 5 books per week. For sure. Unless I want my yearly reading goal to be 5 books (hell no).

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

This is really hard. Both are so closely connected – both need to have the cultural and linguistic (and whatnot) skills to criticize or be an author. But I’ll go with a professional reviewer – I would need to critically comment on those books, which will enable me to study authors’ works in scrutiny. I feel like I would be able to absorb and learn more from reading and studying a wide range of works, rather than producing one on my own. Besides, I get to read for my job.

7. Only read your top 20 favorite books or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

Always read new ones, hands down. I will always be able to treasure my top 20 fave books as long as I have read them once. One of the reasons I read is to learn, not to close my minds to the few books I have enjoyed the most so far. Besides, reading new books will enable me to tumble upon new favorite – or even better – books.

8. Be a librarian or book seller?

I don’t think I understand neither job well enough to choose one of them. If being a librarian is doing what I see the librarians do at my school, I would choose the latter one. If not, I would still choose being a book seller because I feel that it is more connected to the outside world and business branches… and I like being connected.

9. Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?

Every genre except my favorite. Like Q #7, I can’t close my mind to just the books or book genres I like if my main priority is to learn. I am certain that there are yet genres that I have yet to fall in love with.

10. Only read physical books or e-books?

looove the touch and feel of physical books (who doesn’t?!) and I would totally choose them if I could 1) afford being a bookaholic, 2) I had a room dedicated for my books and 3) they were more convenient. I normally read on the kindle for convenience, but it strains my eyes (especially at night), and there are simply so many aesthetic benefits of having physical books that I simply can’t choose it over an e-book, regardless of how convenient or cheap the latter one is (it’s simply not the same thing!). Call me old-fashioned, but I hope physical books never go out of style.


Please do this tag if you are up for it! I think I have done all of my book tags so far without being tagged on any of them xD (Leave a link to your post if you decide to do it!)